Die deutsche Fassung von Cision Germany allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen finden Sie hier.

At: October 2016

§ 1 Applicability of These General Terms and Conditions

1.1 These General Terms and Conditions apply to all services that Cision Germany GmbH (Cision Germany) performs for the client. Any differing arrangements only apply if the parties have agreed to them in text form.

1.2 Any general terms and conditions of the client shall not be a part of the contract with Cision Germany, even if they have not been explicitly objected to by Cision Germany.

1.3 These General Terms and Conditions shall also apply to any additionally commissioned services without another reference having to be made to them.

§ 2 Cision Germany’s Services

2.1 Cision Germany provides its clients with access to various data and information (hereafter referred to as “content”) through the Cision online platform, as well as the use of (non-downloadable) software (hereafter referred to jointly as “services”) in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions. The parties shall define the individual services in the offer to be agreed between them.

2.2 As a rule, only users authorized by the client are permitted to make use of the services. Authorized users in this sense are only those employees of the client (and other users) whom the client has specified by name in text form to Cision Germany.

2.3 Cision Germany shall provide the client with the services via the online platform with average monthly availability of 99.5 per cent, with the exception of routine maintenance times (Monday to Saturday between 7.00 PM and 12.00 AM). During the maintenance windows, the performance of the services will be slowed and services may not be available, however this shall be only for a maximum of eight hours per month.

§ 3 Making a Contract

Contracts between Cision Germany and the client shall only arise through the receipt of a signed Cision offer.

§ 4 Usage Rights to Software

4.1 Cision Germany grants the client a non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sublicensable usage right to the software provided via the online platform, for use by the authorized users of the client (as defined above in Sec. 2.2). The usage right is limited to internal use by the client for the fulfillment of their own business purposes and to the duration of the contract.

4.2 The client is permitted to partially or entirely reproduce the software only to the extent it is absolutely necessary for the use of the software in accordance with the contract. The client is not permitted to make the software available to third parties either temporarily or permanently or to translate or edit the software.

§ 5 Usage Rights to Data in the Media Database

5.1 The client has the right to access, store and use individual contact data through authorized users (as defined above in Sec. 2.2). The client also has the right to enter their own contact data into the media database (“client data”) and to access, store and use it through their authorized users. Usage right is limited to internal use by the client for the fulfillment of their own business purposes and to the duration of the contract.

5.2 The above uses are permitted only as part of the client’s media contact management, for sending media-relevant information to the contacts for the client’s PR purposes. Use for other purposes is not permitted. In particular, it is explicitly prohibited for the client to send advertising to contacts.

5.3 The client does not have the right to reproduce, make available or pass on the media database or contact data for/to third parties or use it commercially in any other form. The client is not permitted to edit or translate either all or parts of the media database or contact data.

5.4 The client grants Cision Germany the non-exclusive right covering all content and without any time limitation to worldwide commercial use of the client data by Cision Germany and companies affiliated with it in connection with the marketing of the media database. This comprehensive usage right also authorizes Cision Germany to edit the client data.

5.5 Cision Germany grants the client the non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the transmitted media data in the version transmitted, to be used only through their authorized users (as defined in Sec. 2.2 above) and as contractually agreed.

5.6 The client does not have the right to transfer their rights to content as granted in this contract to third parties, in part or in whole, or to edit content. The client does not have the right to grant third parties the right to adjust, reproduce, publish, alter or otherwise process content for use in a database.

§ 6 Copyrights

6.1 All utilization rights to the services provided by Cision Germany remain reserved. Reproductions thereof are only permitted within the limits provided by law or on the basis of a special agreement, provided that they are not made for personal or other own use by the client within the framework of Article 53 of the German Copyright Act (Urheberrechtsgesetz – UrhG). Documents delivered to the client by Cision Germany are only designated for private or other own use in accordance with Article 53 UrhG, irrespective of the carrier medium.

6.2 The electronic transmission of clippings requires a contract between the client and Presse Monitor Deutschland GmbH & Co.KG (PMG) with regard to the publications of the PMG panel. Articles not licensed with PMG can only be used in an electronic press review within the framework of a statutory license in term of Article 49 UrhG.

§ 7 Delivery of and Complaints Regarding Clippings

If the client receives clippings which do not comply with the contract, they must submit a complaint in text form to Cision Germany within seven days, attaching the defective clippings. In the event of legitimate complaints, the client shall receive a credit note in the amount of the relevant price, which will be off-set against future receivables of Cision Germany. Any entitlement to additional delivery is otherwise excluded, insofar as the additional delivery is impossible for actual reasons and Cision Germany is not responsible for such impossibility.

§ 8 Changes to the Services

8.1 Cision Germany has the right to make changes to the services, provided that they serve the purpose of meaningful technical development of the system or if such changes are necessary to comply with legal regulations.

8.2 Cision also reserves the right to change content or contact details at any time or delete them from the online platform or media database either temporarily or permanently.

§ 9 Cooperation Obligations of the Client

9.1 The client shall inform Cision Germany with binding effect of their information requirements and their thematic orientation for the ordered services.

9.2 If the client finds, upon the delivery of a service, that all or a part of it is not relevant, they must notify Cision Germany to that effect without delay in order to enable Cision Germany to make the service more precise or modify it for the future.

9.3 In the case of delivery to the client by Cision Germany in electronic form or by fax, the client must ensure that the reception medium is in proper working order, and keep it available as soon as delivery is expected.

§ 10 The Client’s Due Diligence Obligations

10.1 The client must ensure through appropriate technical and organizational measures that users other than their authorized users do not gain access to Cision Germany’s services. Passwords must be regularly changed and user names and passwords must be stored in such a way that the data cannot be accessed by unauthorized third parties. The client undertakes to immediately inform Cision Germany if it learns that unauthorized third parties have gained access to a password.

10.2 Cision Germany’s services are protected by copyright. The client undertakes to comply with copyrights and not to infringe them in the course of making use of the services.

10.3 The client undertakes to comply with third-party rights, particularly data protection rights, copyrights and personal rights, in their use of Cision Germany’s services and not to violate unfair competition law or other legal regulations. This particularly applies to the use of client data and content of the client by the client.

10.4 The client must fulfill hardware, operating system, browser and other technical requirements of Cision Germany for the use of the services by the client.

10.5 The client shall not under any circumstances access without authorization networks or computers which are connected to the Cision online platform or are accessible through it or the services and must not in any event destroy or damage content which is stored in such networks or computers or is accessible through them. The use of external tools, such as crawlers, index, scraping or search programs in connection with the services is prohibited.

§ 11 The Client’s responsibility, Indemnification of Cision Germany

11.1 The client is exclusively responsible for all activities that occur through their client account. Cision Germany shall not be liable with respect to the client in the event of unlawful use of the services, particularly in the event of a violation of competition law, copyright law or data protection and privacy law by the client.

11.2 In the event of unlawful use, the client shall be obliged to refrain from the use, pay compensation and indemnify Cision Germany against third-party claims which were caused by the violation. The indemnification obligation also covers the costs of a legal defense (court costs and legal fees). Other claims of Cision Germany remain unaffected.

11.3 Impermissible use shall also entitle Cision Germany to block access to the software, the content and/or the media database. Other claims of Cision Germany remain unaffected by this.

§ 12 Prices

12.1 The prices for the services ordered by the client are based on the pricing information in the current version of Cision Germany’s specifications.

12.2 All prices are quoted before the respective applicable statutory VAT.

12.3 Cision Germany has the right to adjust the prices to changing market conditions in the event of substantial changes in purchasing costs or changes in VAT or purchase prices only after six months have passed since making a contract. The client shall be informed of planned price increases six weeks before the effective date and the individual reasons for the increases specified. In the event of a price increase which significantly exceeds the general increase of living costs, the client shall have the right to terminate the contract within six weeks from the receipt of the notification from Cision Germany.

§ 13 Invoicing, Delays, Offset and Retention

13.1 The total amount is immediately due and payable within 14 days after invoicing.

13.2 A dunning fee of €5.00 per reminder sent shall be charged for each reminder that Cision submits to the client while payment is delayed.

13.3 If the client delays in making payment, Cision Germany will be able to charge interest for delay in the amount of 8% over the base interest rate. Cision Germany reserves the right to assert higher claims for losses.

13.4 The client can only offset with claims which are undisputed or have been established with legally binding effect. The exercise of a right of retention which is not based on a right stemming from this contractual relationship is not permissible for the client.

13.5 Complaints regarding invoices must be submitted in text form with a proper declaration within 10 business days after receiving the relevant invoice.

§ 14 Suspension of the Contract, Early Termination

Cision reserves the right to suspend the service or to immediately terminate the contract if:

  1. a) despite reminders, the client fails to pay invoices within 60 days after their due date;
  2. b) the client uses the service in a manner which is contrary to Sections 4, 5, 6 and 11 or otherwise incompatible with applicable laws;
  3. c) the client enters bankruptcy, liquidation or an agreement with their creditors, ceases payments or otherwise becomes insolvent;
  4. d) the client otherwise significantly fails to fulfill their obligations under the contract made with Cision.

§ 15 Place of Performance, Transport Risk, Delivery

15.1 The place of performance is Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

15.2 The transport or transmission risk for the media evaluation shall be borne by the client.

15.3 The services shall be sent/transmitted from the moment when the performance of the service obligations in the mutual relationship is due, and is actually practicable.

15.4 The delivery of the service shall be deemed to have been received when the delivered service has entered the client’s sphere of control or their actual power of disposition as the recipient, so that they can readily take note of the content.

§ 16 Data Protection

16.1 The parties agree to comply with data protection regulations.

16.2 Cision Germany will process the person-related data of the client to the extent it is necessary for the performance of the contract with the client. Cision Germany shall have the right to transmit the person-related data to other Cision companies within and outside the European Economic Area for this purpose. Notwithstanding, the recipients agree to ensure an appropriate level of data protection.

16.3 The client shall notify Cision Germany in good time ahead of any planned relocation of its head office to a country outside the European Economic Area (third country) or a relocation of the media database queries to a third country. For media database queries from a third country to be permissible, an appropriate level of data protection and privacy with the client must be ensured. In such a situation, the parties shall enter into negotiations to ensure that the data retrieval is legally compliant.

§ 17 Confidentiality

17.1 The parties undertake to treat as strictly confidential any confidential information of which they become aware in connection with the performance of the contract and to refrain from disclosing said information to third parties or otherwise use it, for the duration of the contract and for a period of four years after the end thereof. Companies affiliated with Cision Germany which are involved in the performance of the contract with the client are not third parties in this sense.

17.2 In particular, information concerning the content, performance or handling of the contract should be deemed confidential. This applies irrespective of the form in which the information has been disclosed (in writing, orally, electronically, etc.).

17.3 The above confidentiality obligation does not apply to information that one party demonstrably lawfully received from a third party and which was already generally known upon the making of the contract or which subsequently became generally known without a violation of the above confidentiality obligation or whose publication was approved by the other party, or to information which must be given to a third party due to a legal obligation or official order. In the last case, the obliged party must notify the other party (if this is legally permissible) of the provision of the information in advance or without delay.

§ 18 Quality of the Content and the Contact Data

18.1 Cision Germany has assembled its own content and contact data according and carefully verified it to the best of their knowledge. However, any liability of Cision Germany for the correctness or completeness of their own content and contact details is excluded.

18.2 Cision Germany does not in any event adopt third-party content as its own, but only provides access to that third-party content. Cision Germany accepts no liability for the correctness, completeness, quality or currency of that content. The third parties are exclusively liable for that content. The content only reflects the opinion and assessment of the third party, not the opinion of Cision Germany. Cision Germany is not obliged to supervise third-party content or examine it for circumstances which indicate unlawful activities. The obligation to remove or block the access to third-party content under general laws remains unaffected. However, any liability in this respect is only possible from the moment when Cision Germany becomes aware of a specific legal infringement. If legal violations come to light, Cision Germany shall immediately remove or block affected content.

18.3 If the customer would like to enter its own data sets into the Cision media database, the following rules are agreed to between the parties:

The customer is the owner of the data entered (Owner).

The customer declares to Cision that it has lawfully obtained the data to be entered.

In this case, Cision functions only as a contract data processor and has no right to otherwise modify or store the data, nor to make it available to third parties.

This data is not maintained by Cision.

18.4 Cision Germany accepts no liability for the use of the services by the client outside the permissible purposes of use explicitly agreed in these General Terms and Conditions, the selection of the contacts in the case of use by the client or the content or form of the content sent by the client.

18.5 Cision Germany is not liable for the security or existence of the data communication which is conducted via third-party communication networks. It is also not liable for disruptions to data transmission which occur due to technical errors on the client’s side. The client is responsible for the hardware and software and for the means of communication used by the client. A malfunction of the hardware or software used by the client shall not release them from the obligation to pay the remuneration.

§ 19 Liability

19.1 Cision Germany shall be liable to the client for losses incurred insofar as Cision Germany is guilty of willful misconduct or gross negligence.

19.2 Cision Germany shall also be liable in the event of minor negligence, up to the amount of the typically foreseeable losses, for losses caused by Cision Germany or its statutory representatives or vicarious agents due to a breach of an obligation which is indispensable for the achievement of the purpose of the contract and upon whose strict fulfillment the client must be able to rely (key contractual obligation or “key obligation”).

19.3 Any liability beyond that outlined in the above paragraphs is excluded. This applies with respect to all claims for compensation for losses, irrespective of their legal basis, particularly for claims due to a breach of pre-contractual obligations, claims due to a breach of other obligations or due to tort claims.

19.4 The above limitation of liability does not apply to mandatory liability in the event of loss of life or injury to the body or health or in other cases in which unlimited liability is prescribed by law.

§ 20 Maximum Limit for Liability in the Event of Minor Negligence for Typical Losses, Exclusion of Liability for Indirect and Consequential Losses

20.1 Cision Germany’s liability in the event of minor negligence for typically foreseeable losses in accordance with Sec. 18.2 is limited in total, per contractual year, to the amount of the remuneration to be paid by the client to Cision Germany in that contractual year.

20.2 Compensation for indirect losses, consequential losses or lost profits is excluded.

§ 21 Duration, Termination, Subsequent Delivery and Repairs

21.1 The contract has the duration agreed between Cision Germany and the client. Yearly contracts and contracts with longer terms are extended automatically by the agreed duration unless they are terminated by the client or Cision Germany six weeks before their date of expiry. Contracts with a shorter duration are extended automatically by the agreed duration unless they are terminated by the client or Cision Germany three weeks before their date of expiry.

21.2 Both parties’ right of extraordinary termination for good cause remains unaffected. Good cause shall particularly be deemed to exist for Cision Germany if the client violates key contractual obligations and does not cease that violation even after a warning has been issued by Cision Germany.

21.3 The client shall be charged additionally and separately for services relating to the service period which are provided to them in the months following the effective date of the termination.

21.4 Notice of termination must be given in text form, otherwise it shall be considered invalid.

§ 22 Governing Law and Place of Jurisdiction

22.1 Subject to the provisions of sentence 2 below, the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all legal disputes shall be Frankfurt am Main, Germany. However, Cision Germany has the right to take legal action against the client in any other statutory place of jurisdiction.

22.2 For all rights and obligations stemming from or related to the contractual relationship, the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany apply exclusively, regardless of conflict-of-law rule and to the exclusion of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).

§ 23 Final Provisions

23.1 The client does not have the right to assign their claims against Cision Germany under this contract.

23.2 Should individual provisions of the contract with the client be or become ineffective or unenforceable, the effectiveness of the rest of the contract shall not be affected. The parties undertake to fill in any loophole thus arising with a provision which comes closest to the intended commercial meaning and purpose of the provision and the contract.

23.3 Any amendments or additions to this contract or the annulment hereof must be in text form. This also applies to any annulment of this requirement of the text form.