Eliminate administrative burdens, ensure compliance and increase participation by relying on the most trusted PAC software for filing with the FEC.

Ensure compliance

File PAC compliance reports and schedules using software consistently updated with reports for all 50 states. More corporations, associations and unions used our software to file with the FEC than any other vendor software in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Access committee filer info

Easily obtain up-to-date candidate committee filer information with seamless FEC and incumbent state candidate committee integration, including election cycle limits for donations.

Identify donor participation

Stay up-to-date on donor participation levels, track the effectiveness of PAC solicitations and generate visual reports for your board and PAC management.

Ensure stakeholder security

Safely and accurately add payroll and donor information from your payroll and IT departments to your database. Our completely integrated and secure PAC software also makes donating and reviewing participation easy, while ensuring only eligible donors participate.

Track fiscal progress

Easily track fundraisers and offer a check approval and printing process, all within your dashboard.

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