Influencing Issues – Davos Monitor 2020

The week is racing by and we are already on day 3 of the forum. Donald Trump has left Davos but in typical fashion the US President did not go quietly. With an unexpected press conference, Mr Trump ensured that White House reporters in the Swiss alps are not short of work. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and HRH Prince Charles kept the spotlight on the most important question of the forum: How will we save the planet? It’s the last day for many delegates in Davos which means a lot of traffic at the after-hour bars. There are even rumors that Lenny Kravitz will be keeping delegates entertained with some music. But first let’s focus on the latest developments from yesterday and the most important official agenda points from today. Our daily overview will ensure that you keep up to date with what you need to know, when you need to know it.

Here are all the important facts from the second day of the Davos meeting.

What's next?

Where do we look? This one simple question sums up yesterday’s events in Davos. We had young climate activists, a not so young Prince (yes, a real one), a new Prime Minister (the Spanish one to be exact), the new European Commission President, a Central Bank official, a very blonde President (the US one, not the British one), and a….okay, let’s stop here and sum up the event for you: The climate emergency is touched upon by almost all of the agenda setters. Prince Charles jumped on Greta Thunberg’s linguistic bandwagon and called for a new economic model to save the world from burning. The heir to the British throne and lifelong environmentalist also took the opportunity to meet Ms Thunberg in person. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen vowed that the EU will take the lead in tackling climate change, while Bank of England Governor Mark Carney backed Greta Thunberg in her clash with Donald Trump. The US President hasn’t grasped this whole climate thing yet, various outlets indicated. Away from the official agenda, the US President gave an unexpected press conference yesterday. Asked about his stance towards Ms Thunberg, he replied: “She beat me to the front cover of Time Magazine.”

Influencing issues

In the aftermath of Donald Trump‘s whirlwind visit, the possibility of new tensions and tariffs remains very much open as Mr Trump and Europe seem to be growing further apart. Mr Trump’s press conference was an outlet to air his numerous grievances. Topics ranged from the impeachment trial, “such a hoax”, to the US Federal Reserve and Boeing, “so disappointed in Boeing”. Away from Trump's occasionally incoherent rant, Google boss Sundar Pichai did not hold back in beating the drum for his own industry. Mr Pichai boldly predicted AI would be “more profound to humanity than electricity and fire.” On a more sombre note, concerns about the coronavirus outbreak in China and several reported cases in the US have not gone by unnoticed at the forum. Especially with the upcoming Chinese holiday season, questions arose regarding how leaders will manage their businesses in the region and give guidance to their employees.

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